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Rainbow Show Jump Set 1

Rainbow Show Jump Set 1

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This set includes 2 custom stands, 2 poles, 4 tournament cups, 2 custom fillers and 2 marker flags.

These show jump sets are designed to impress and carefully crafted with attention to detail. Made from sturdy and stable aluminum, they are incredibly lightweight for easy transport, can be easily stored, and require minimal maintenance. Whether for training or competitions, these sets are the perfect choice for any rider.

The double powder coating and laminated alu-polyethylene composites provide long-term weather resistance, ensuring durability and performance in various conditions.

If you're seeking a show jump set that combines lightweight design, durability, and stunning aesthetics, look no further than our Rainbow Show Jump Set 1!

Technical Details

Weight: Depending on the size and design specifications
Height and Width of the Stands: 170cmx60cm
Width: 420cm

Stands & Plank:
Laser welded and rounded aluminium with double powder coating. The rounded aluminium has no sharp edges and prevents injuries.

Alu-polyethylene composite panels with direct printing and lamination.

Made of soft foam and durable tarpaulin to resist all weather conditions.

Coreless Poles


Our products are designed to withstand all weather conditions and are ultra low-maintenace.

Simply wash them with water to clean them from any dirt or dust.

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