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Mosaic Show Jump Stands (2)

Mosaic Show Jump Stands (2)

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The price is for a pair of stands (2). Flags are included in the price

You don't have to be a pro to make your show jumping dreams come true with our Mosaic Show Jump Stands.

These durable stands are perfect for riders of any skill level, providing dependable, durable use while also being lightweight and easy to transport. Whether you're competing in a tournament or simply practicing on weekends, these alu-polyethylene stands are a reliable tool to help you succeed by withstanding the elements and creating a strong base for your jumps.

These stands are designed for your convenience and make it quick and simple to set up and pack up. They are ideal for frequent use in any type of competition.

Technical Details

Weight: 14-15kg
Height and Width: 180cm x 100cm

Professional - grade tournament show jump stands.

Lightweight construction made of aluminium and high quality graphic with ornametal filling between the panels - solid, durable, easy to move and
Perfectly suited for professional parkours or tournament competitions.

Double powder coated aluminium and laminated surface provides long lasting weather-resistance.


Our products are designed to withstand all weather conditions and are ultra low-maintenace.

Simply wash them with water to clean them from any dirt or dust.

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