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The Equestrian's Guide: Essential Barn Supplies Every Equestrian Should Own


Many people are drawn to the exciting world of horse riding, but being a part of this world is more than just riding. It involves using various tools and things to take care of the horses and keep the barn running smoothly. Whether you're someone who loves horses, works with them, or you're just starting out, knowing about the important things you need for the barn is really important. This guide will help you learn about the Essential Barn Supplies Every Horse Person Should Have, giving you information to make your time with horses even better.

Taking care of horses involves a lot of different things. But with the right tools, it can be fun and a great part of being around horses. Here are the must-haves for anyone who loves horses:

Horse Grooming Essentials

1. Brushes and Combs:
Think of brushes like an artist's paintbrushes. They're super important for keeping a horse's coat clean and healthy. There are different brushes for different jobs.

  • Dandy brushes: These are not just brushes. They're the first line of defence against dirt and debris that can accumulate on a horse's coat. Regular use keeps the coat clean and shining.
  • Body brushes: More than just for appearances, these brushes help in smoothing the coat and, more importantly, they distribute the horse's natural oils, ensuring a healthy shine.
  • Mane and tail combs: A horse's mane and tail can be likened to a human's hair. They need regular care, detangling, and maintenance, for which these combs are perfect.

2. Hoof Picks:
A horse's hooves are really important for its health. Hoof picks help clean the hooves and keep them healthy by getting rid of rocks and stuff that could hurt them. Imagine if you had something stuck in your shoe – it would be uncomfortable, right? Horses feel the same way, so using hoof picks is like helping them get rid of that uncomfortable feeling.

3. Clippers and Shears:
Looking good matters for horses too! Clippers and shears are like special scissors for horses. They're used to trim hair, like manes and tails, to keep them neat and tidy. Think of it like getting a haircut. When your hair is too long, it's hard to see and can get messy. It's the same for horses. Clipping their hair helps them stay neat and feel good.

Stable and Barn Equipment

4. Hay Nets and Feed Buckets:
Horses need good food. Hay nets and feed buckets are where we put their food. Whether it's hay or grains, these things help make sure horses eat well. Just like you have your own plate to eat from, horses have their own special buckets and nets to enjoy their meals. These supplies make sure they get the right amount of food to stay healthy and happy.

5. Stall Mats:
Imagine these as soft beds for horses. Good stall mats not only keep the space clean, but they also make it comfy for the horse to stand and lie down. Think about how nice it feels to have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Horses need that too! Stall mats give them a soft and cosy place to rest, and they also make it easier to clean up after them.

6. Wheelbarrows and Forks:
Behind the exciting horse shows, there's a lot of hard work. Wheelbarrows and pitchforks are the real heroes here. They're used to move hay, clean up poop, and keep the barn tidy. Think of them as your helpers in keeping the stable clean. Just like you tidy up your room, these tools help keep the horse's living space clean and comfortable.

Health and Well-being Supplies

7. First-Aid Kits:
Just like athletes can get minor injuries, horses can have their bad days too. For those unexpected times, having a first-aid kit made for horses is really important. It helps with quick relief and can even save a horse's life in emergencies. You know how you have a first-aid kit at home? Well, horses need one too, just in case.

8. Fly Control Products:
Flies are a constant problem on farms. They're not just annoying; they can also spread diseases. Using things like fly sprays, masks, and traps can help keep the flies away and protect the horses. Think of it as giving the horses their own fly repellent so they can stay comfortable.

9. Supplements and Vitamins:
Horses need good nutrition, just like you. While they usually get what they need from their food, sometimes they need a little extra help. Supplements are like vitamins for them. They fill in any gaps and can make a horse healthier, more energetic, and perform better. It's like giving them a boost of energy and health.

Rider's Gear

10. Helmets:
Staying safe is really important, especially when riding. It doesn't matter if you're new to riding or if you've been doing it for years – wearing a helmet is a must. A good helmet that fits well is like your best friend for safety.

11. Riding Boots and Gloves:
Boots and gloves might seem like fashion choices, but they're actually really important for riding. Boots give you a good grip on the horse, and gloves protect your hands and give you better control. They make riding more comfortable and safe.

12. Tack Storage Solutions:
Tack is all the gear you put on a horse – like the saddle and bridle. It's important to keep them safe and clean. Having proper storage for them means they last longer and are safe to use. Imagine if your toys weren't kept neatly – they'd get damaged, right? It's the same for horse gear.

Training and Exercise Equipment

13. Jump Poles and Cones:
If you're into things like jumping or dressage, these tools are like your helpers. They're used in training to teach horses different things, like following commands and moving better. Imagine learning to dance – you need some tools to practice and get better. Jump poles and cones are like that for horses.

14. Lunging Equipment:
Lunging is like exercise for horses. To do it right, you need special tools like lunging lines and whips. It's like how you might need a skipping rope for certain exercises. These tools help trainers guide the horse while they're exercising.

15. Arena Maintenance Tools:
The arena is where all the action happens – training, riding, and competitions. To keep it safe and nice, tools like drag harrows and arena rakes are used. Think of them as tools to tidy up the arena, just like you tidy up your room.


Being a horse lover means lots of things – passion, hard work, and learning. Riding is cool, but there's a lot more behind the scenes. Taking care of horses – grooming them, feeding them, and making sure they're healthy – is super important. By having these essential supplies in your barn, you're not only taking good care of your horse, but you're also making your journey with them more enjoyable. Remember, if you look after your horse, they'll look after you too.


Why are grooming tools essential for horse care?
Grooming tools aren't just about aesthetics. They play a pivotal role in ensuring horse health by removing accumulated dirt, stimulating blood circulation, and preventing potential skin diseases. Regular grooming also offers equestrians a chance to check for signs of health issues or injuries.

What should be included in an equestrian first-aid kit?
An ideal first-aid kit should be comprehensive. This means it should have bandages, antiseptic solutions, wound ointments, a reliable thermometer, tweezers, and an instructional guidebook on equine first aid. Additionally, always including some pain relief medications, as recommended by a vet, is a smart choice.

How often should a horse's hooves be cleaned?
Daily cleaning of a horse's hooves is the gold standard, especially if they spend time outdoors in muddy or sandy terrains. Regular cleaning helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections and offers an opportunity to check for injuries or lodged stones.

Are supplements necessary for all horses?
Supplementation isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. While many horses can indeed benefit from them, it's imperative to have a tailored approach. Consulting with a veterinarian or an equine nutritionist can help determine specific needs based on the horse's diet, health, and activity level.

What's the significance of a proper tack storage solution?
Proper storage for tack isn't just about organisation. It's about preserving the integrity and life of these tools. Proper storage prevents wear and tear, shields leather from excessive moisture or dryness, and ensures the equipment's longevity and safety during use.

How can one ensure the best care for their horse during extreme weather conditions?
Adverse weather conditions, be it sweltering heat or freezing cold, demand special attention. Equestrians can ensure top-tier care by providing ample shelter, tweaking feeding routines, ensuring continuous access to water, and employing weather-appropriate gear and blankets. Regular health checks during such times can also be beneficial.

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